Youth Fitness Franchise Coming to Redwood Falls, MN

Youth Fitness Franchise Coming to Redwood Falls, MN

Athletic Revolution Redwood Falls, MN Becomes Newest Youth Training Center

Redwood Falls, MN – Athletic Revolution, the world’s only training center dedicated entirely to the fitness and sport performance of young clients aged 6 – 18, has quickly become one of the fastest growing entities in the entire Fitness and Sport Training industry.

Athletic Revolution is a training system that is based on increasing speed, strength, flexibility and power, but maintains a great focus on keeping young athletes safe and injury free as well.

“Athletic Revolution is the right system for me. They provide the structure, support, and systems to run my business more effectively and efficiently. Fitness Revolution allows me to work on my business and more importantly provide a superior service for my clients, said Trevor Wittwer, owner of the new Redwood Falls, MN location.

The training system has been developed by some of the most well-known and successful Coaches in the world and was field-tested on more than 15,000 kids and teens around the globe
“Any young athlete or youth fitness participant looking to improve in a sport, lose weight or gain a healthier lifestyle will benefit.”

The American Obesity Association has recently reported that more than 30% of U.S.-based children and teens are currently considered either overweight or obese.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an excess of $4 billion are spent every year in this country alone on private training and coaching for young athletes in sports.

“Athletic Revolution is double-threat,” explained President, Pat Rigsby.

“The youth of today need a specific and carefully designed system within which they can improve and reach their goals. But from the Coach or Fitness Professional perspective, Athletic Revolution is perhaps the most potential oriented investment they could possibly make as a business”

“There is just no doubt that the ‘youth’ market is where career safety, security, and profitability is.”

For more information on Athletic Revolution or the new Redwood Falls, MN location, contact 270.982.2794 or visit

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