North Carolina Athletic Revolution Franchisee Featured on TV

North Carolina Athletic Revolution Franchisee Featured on TV

George Maoury of Athletic Revolution Matthews Serves Community’s Youth Fitness Needs

Matthews, North Carolina- Dedicated youth fitness specialist George Maoury is making a difference in Matthews, North Carolina, by serving the community’s youth fitness needs. Now he is being noticed for his efforts; he was just hosted by Angela Golden on The Charlotte Buzz on TV

George, who is certified through the International Youth Conditioning Association, is the owner of Athletic Revolution, a long term youth fitness and athletic development center, the first of its kind in the Carolinas. According to Maoury, Charlotte, NC,  ranks as the ninth highest in childhood obesity rates. “This is a problem that Athletic Revolution and I feel strongly about.”

In the segment, a class full of elementary school students are shown learning about how to move their bodies properly all while having fun. The kids have been instructed to play a game, “The Pirate Game,” where they are taken through stations meant to train them on core stability, balance, body awareness, and strength.

However, the activities they are taught to perform are designed to mimic activities the kids might imagine a pirate doing such as climbing a rope, swimming, or swabbing the deck. “The best part of it all… they were having fun,” said Maoury.

“Most children will quit playing sports by the time they’re 13,” he added. “The number reason is they’re not having fun anymore. If we can keep training and fitness fun, I think we can combat that high rate of obesity, and we can also develop better young athletes.”

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See the video here: Athletic Revolution-Buzz

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