Local 4th Grader Earns her Dream Spot on Relay Team

Athletic Revolution Training Center Helps Create Success for Sugar Land Kids

Haley has been trying to earn a spot on Dickinson Elementary school’s relay team since kindergarten.

Now a 4th grader, she finally achieved that dream.

“Her competitive soccer coach at National Fusion, who had no idea Haley was receiving training at Athletic Revolution,  recently pulled her aside and told her he noticed a significant improvement in her agility and speed to the ball”, said Christy, Haley’s Mom.

Athletic Revolution is considered the number one training franchise for young athletes in the entire world.

The Sugar Land location had its open house in February and success stories like Haley have already started pouring in.

“The Athletic Revolution system is about teaching speed, agility, strength and flexibility as developmental skills in children 6 – 18”, said John Steen, Head Coach and co-owner of the Sugar Land location.

“Young kids who are just looking to get in better shape, overweight youths and high school stars all train here.  The system is all-encompassing”.

For more information on Athletic Revolution Sugar Land please contact us at 888.785.0422


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