First Arizona Athletic Revolution Franchisee Comes Aboard

Athletic Revolution Expands to Another State

Chandler, Arizona Joins the Youth Fitness Movement

The Athletic Revolution youth fitness franchise is growing at a steady rate. Today, they have announced their expansion into Arizona with the signing of franchisee David Barrett.

Athletic Revolution is the only facility in the United States that is dedicated to the youth fitness population. It’s main training offering caters to the needs of young athletes and fitness enthusiasts aged 6-18

“I can’t wait to get started with Athletic Revolution Chandler,” said Barrett. “The program they have put together is the best there is.”

Athletic Revolution training principles are based on the teachings of the International Youth Conditioning Association, the only certification organization that is entirely committed to youth fitness.

“Overcoaching and overtraining, running kids into the ground… it’s all too common in youth sports,” said Barrett. “We hope to change all that.”

Change is needed. Just look at the stats. The American Obesity Association has recently reported that more than 30% of U.S.-based children and teens are currently considered either overweight or obese. If that isn’t a big red flag, what is?

The market for Athletic Revolution certainly exists as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, an excess of $4 billion are spent every year in this country alone on private training and coaching for young athletes in sports.

“Athletic Revolution is double-threat,” explained President, Pat Rigsby.

“The youth of today need a specific and carefully designed system within which they can improve and reach their goals. But from the Coach or Fitness Professional perspective, Athletic Revolution is perhaps the most potential oriented investment they could possibly make as a business”

“There is just no doubt that the ‘youth’ market is where career safety, security, and profitability is.”

For more information on Athletic Revolution or the new Arizona location, contact Timothy Ward at 270.982.2794 or visit

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