Athletic Revolution South Shore Franchisee Influences School Wellness

Athletic Revolution South Shore Franchisee Influences School Wellness

Dave Gleason Named to School Wellness Advisory Committee in Pembroke, Massachusetts

Pembroke, MA-  Coach Dave Gleason, owner of Athletic Revolution South Shore in Pembroke, Massachusetts, announced to us that he was just named to the School Wellness Advisory Committee for the town of Pembroke for all levels K-12.

The Athletic Revolution franchise is designed to keep the needs of youth on the forefront of its business practices. Whether their needs include physical activity, social support, nutrition, or just genuine care, Athletic Revolution franchisees are committed to providing a solution.

“Dave Gleason is not only a role model for kids but for all our franchisees,” said Timothy Ward, VP of Operations for Athletic Revolution International. “He  doesn’t just seek opportunities to grow his business, but also he explores how he can get involved at the community level to really make a difference.”

As part of the committee, Gleason will work with the Athletic Director for the local high school, several school nurses and PE teachers, the purchaser of school lunches, and school principals. Their primary role is to review and make recommendations on nutrition, nutrition education, physical activity, and many other aspects of youth wellness.

According to Gleason, this is going to be a “big opportunity to see what public schools are dealing with and to give input.”

“It’s going to be fun!”

Gleason’s programs at Athletic Revolution serve the needs of all youth aged 6-18 years old. All young athletes are encouraged to put in hard work and effort while at the same time learning healthy habits and having fun.

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