Athletic Revolution in Indianapolis Featured on Fox 59

Athletic Revolution Franchisee Dale Speckman on Fox 59 News

New Fitness Center in Northeast Indianapolis Focuses on  Youth Fitness

Indianapolis- Athletic Revolution franchisees continue making news headlines throughout the country. The latest is Coach Dale Speckman out of Northeast Indianapolis. His youth fitness facility was just featured on the Fox 59 Morning Show.

Athletic Revolution is the only training center focused exclusively on youth fitness and athletic development. “Fitness is extremely important because the obesity rate in America has gone up in the last 10 years,” said Dale Speckman, owner of the recently opened facility.

Speckman’s facility features resistance band training and speed and agility training, among other things, delivered in fun and creative ways. For example, rather than prescribing sets and reps, young athletes develop skills through game play.

One speed and agility game, for example, is the “color game” which is designed to work on speed and agility skills. Athletes line up between colored objects, and when a color is called, they need to get to that object and back as quickly as they can.

“They have to listen to the auditory signal, process it mentally which works the brain, and then work acceleration and deceleration patterns.”

Athletic Revolution takes a multifaceted and holistic approach to youth athletic development. Athletes are trained not just physically, but mentally as well.

To view the feature on Fox 59, click here.

For more information on Athletic Revolution franchising opportunities, visit or call 270.982.2794

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