Athletic Revolution Hosts Summer Speed Program for Local Young Athletes

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Contact – Wil Fleming

Training System Consider One of the Best in the World

Young athletes in the Bloomington, Indiana area will receive a very special treat this summer.

Access to a Speed & Agility Camp that brings one of the most successful programs in the world to the local community.

The Speed Camp is being hosted by Wil Fleming, co-owner and Head Coach at the Athletic Revolution facility.  Fleming is also a former Division One athlete, himself.

“Training for Speed & Agility is not what most young athletes, coaches and parents think it is” said Fleming.

“We aren’t going to just run our athletes into the ground or have them change direction through a maze of cones.  We’re going to teach.  How to be faster.  How to be more agile.  This Speed Camp will elevate every participant’s game – it doesn’t matter what sport they play.”

The Athletic Revolution Speed Camp curriculum has been field-tested on more than 20,000 young athletes worldwide over the past 13 years.   Camps have run in New Zealand, Ireland, Italy as well as throughout the United States and Canada.

“This training helped me to my dream: A Division One scholarship” said Ben, an athlete at the Athletic Revolution Bloomington location.

For more information, please contact Wil Fleming at 812-219-6985


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