Athletic Revolution Franchisees Nominated as Rising Stars

Athletic Revolution Franchisees Nominated as Rising Stars

Steve Long and Tyler English Earning Respect in the Industry

Athletic Revolution is a place where the needs of young athletes are put ahead of everything else. However, it is hard not to take notice when two franchisees have been nominated as the two of the fitness industry’s rising stars.

The Fitness Industry Top Rising Stars event was run this month by fitness business entrepreneur Erik Rokeach and corporate bootcamp expert Greg Justice. It was hosted by English finished 5th overall. The results can be found here.

Steve Long, owner of Complete Fitness Results in Brentwood, Missouri, recently expanded his business by purchasing an Athletic Revolution youth fitness franchise.

When asked about his nomination, Long downplayed it, saying, “I was nominated to as one of the Top 25 Industry Rising Stars. Not huge, but not bad.”

“I think Steve is more concerned with growing his business and getting his clients results than being recognized for any personal accolades,” said Tim Ward, Vice President of Operations for Athletic Revolution International.

English, who has been an Athletic Revolution franchisee for just over a year now, was quick to thank all the people who have helped him get to where he is today including his business mentors Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry; his mother, father, sister, and brother; his clients and staff; and his business mastermind group.

He finished with this note, “The fitness industry needs all of us to work together and be real to who we are, by continuing to help those who need our help!”

With Long and English on board with Athletic Revolution, the world of youth fitness is in good hands.

For more information on Athletic Revolution franchising, visit or call 270-982-2794.

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