Athletic Revolution Announces First Champions Testing Day

The Athletic Revolution vaulted ‘Champions Testing System’ will be unveiled on Saturday March 20, 2010 at its Pembroke, MA location.

Unlike other athlete/participant testing programs, the Athletic Revolution system assesses the degree to which Champions can perform certain movements in accordance to what they’ve been taught through exercise.

“Every other facility and system is based on numbers’, says Pembroke Head Coach, Dave Gleason.

“For young athletes and youth fitness participants to truly excel in life and sport, it’s not about how much they can lift, but how well they can lift it”.

The Athletic Revolution training and testing system is based on a developmental program that teaches young athletes and participants to move efficiently.

The system improves speed, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and power, but does so through a very unique approach with safety and injury prevention the most important factors.

“Our Champions cannot wait for Saturday”, says Gleason.

“We are honored to be the first Athletic Revolution facility to offer this testing system and our Champions and their families are equally honored”

For more information on Athletic Revolution or the Saturday March 20 testing day in Pembroke, please contact Head Coach Dave Gleason at (781) 312-7808

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