Athletic Revolution Adds Fourth Massachusetts Location

Athletic Revolution Adds Fourth Massachusetts Location

Youth Fitness Franchises Keep Drawing Interest

Athletic Revolution continues to draw interest among entrepreneurs. Today, Athletic Revolution announces that it will be adding a 4th location to Massachusetts.

Sandra Condon and Shawn Cleveland, owners of Athletic Revolution Marlborough, signed their franchise documents today, and they are looking forward to getting started.

“Athletic Revolution provides a great opportunity,” says Condon. “Not only do they provide a solid business plan, but the impact we will have in the community is going to be very rewarding.”

Athletic Revolution is based on developmental principles that have been established by the International Youth Conditioning Association, the leading certification body for youth fitness.

“A lot of facilities train kids like they are just mini adults,” says Cleveland. “That is a concern. Kids need programs designed for their unique developmental and physiological needs.”

The growth of Athletic Revolution has come at the right time. Recent reports from the American Obesity Association put the youth obesity and overweight prevalence at over 30%.  The Wall Street Journal estimates that over 4 billion dollars are spent in the US alone on youth private training.

“Athletic Revolution is double-threat,” explained President, Pat Rigsby.

“The youth of today need a specific and carefully designed system within which they can improve and reach their goals. But from the Coach or Fitness Professional perspective, Athletic Revolution is perhaps the most potential oriented investment they could possibly make as a business”

“There is just no doubt that the ‘youth’ market is where career safety, security, and profitability is.”

For more information on Athletic Revolution or the new Massachusetts location, contact Timothy Ward at 270.982.2794 or visit

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