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"Your training program balances the proper combination of operating mechanics, physical development and physiological knowledge to empower young athletes to reach beyond their self-imposed limits and maximize their athletic performance"

Mike Rudnicki
Father of 2 Young Athletes


With Athletic Revolution, you are embarking an internationally field-tested and success-proven system of training for participants ages 6 – 18.

The Athletic Revolution ‘Developmental Training Model’ has been successfully tested all over the world and is based on the following structure –

Discovery (Ages 6 – 9) – Creating A Champion

The purpose of this phase is to introduce participants to a wide spectrum on non-specific exercise stimulus that aids in the natural development of coordination habits.

Athletic Revolution Coaches utilize the principle of ‘Outcome-Based Coaching’ which allows young participants to learn the physical skills of exercise through an experimental and self-discovery based means.

"This system is absolutely essential. My daughter became more agile, more speed oriented and stronger"

George Zartsky
Father of Division 1 College Athlete


Exploration (Ages 10 – 13) – Transitioning To Champion

Not unlike the ‘Discovery’ phase of the Athletic Revolution Developmental Model, ‘Exploration’ is based on young participants establishing ‘athletic intelligence’ through a carefully planned programming structure that allows them to learn and comprehend both simple and complex motor skills via explorative play.

Unlike ‘Discovery’ however, ‘Exploration’ also includes an educational portion within which Athletic Revolution Coaches breakdown and instruct participants on specific aspects of exercise execution.

This transitional phase allows young participants to bridge the gap from a play model of fitness to a more programmatic structured version.

"Throughout my athletic experience, I have had the opportunity to be trained by a number of coaches and specialists. This approach was by far the most productive in developing my strength and overall athletic ability. I can personally say that I have never been as healthy or as strong… The training has helped me become a starting Division One athlete as a true freshman and the system is unparallel to any training I have ever been exposed to."

Drew Janes
Former Brown University Linebacker


Transformation (Ages 14+) – Becoming A Champion

The ‘Transformation’ phase is where more concerted training application takes place. Whether the goal is sporting excellence, fitness, wellness or obesity prevention, this portion of the Athletic Revolution Developmental Model is based on solid execution and fundamental training habits so that each participant can maximize their respective goals.


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