Soccer Hero Named to MLS All-Star Team after Training at Local Facility

Alston suggests new training program had much to do with reaching his dream

Local soccer hero and member of the New England Revolution played against the famed Manchester United last week after being named to the MLS All-Star Team.

“This is an absolute dream come true” said Kevin Alston, the former Indiana University star.

“A chance to play on a massive stage and against some of the very best in the world”

Alston believes part of his success is due to training with Dave Gleason; Head Coach at the Pembroke-based Athletic Revolution Training Center.

“The speed and agility training I have received from Dave and Athletic Revolution has had a major impact on my game”, continue Alston.

“It is very unique stuff that builds a foundation on which any athlete would improve”

The Athletic Revolution training system is based on developing skill and technique in body movements that translate to increases in speed and agility.  The program also works on strength and mobility – two fundamental elements for both increasing sport performance and reducing the chance of injury.

“We are very different from other training centers”, said Gleason; the Athletic Revolution Head Coach.

“We don’t’ just run our athletes into the ground and make them tired.  We build skills in the areas of movement and strength, which allows all of our athletes to become absolutely dominant on the court or field”

Nora Vasconcellos, a skate-boarder and recent addition to the popular Dew Tour, also trains with Gleason at Athletic Revolution.

The Athletic Revolution facility is home to athletes ranging from elementary, middle and high school athletes to professional superstars like Alston.

For more information on Athletic Revolution, contact Gleason directly at 781-312-7808.

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