Here’s Your Opportunity To Build a Successful Business In The Exploding Youth Fitness & Sports Performance Market …

Your Chance To Join A TEAM of Industry Leaders and Build the Youth Fitness & Sports Performance
Business of Your Dreams!


Because you’re reading this I know one thing about you for sure. You’re a dedicated coach who wants to be the best in your area. You want to deliver exceptional service and results to your athletes, and you want to provide a great living for yourself and family (if you have one). Most coaches feel that way because most people get into this industry because they truly enjoy helping people – a righteous cause, however not always one that leads to profit.

The sad reality is that most coaches have no idea how to create a stable, smoothly running, successful business that makes them wealthy. They’re great at their craft, and even great people, but they’re terrible business operators. Very few get rich, and even less become wealthy. The average income for most trainers in the United States is about $27,000 per year! Many who go off on their own and start a business go out of business and head back to simply pursuing youth fitness & sports performance training as a hobby.

If you fall into or near either of those categories, don’t get discouraged…


Colleges, certifications, and most educational resources available do nothing to help eager coaches become financially successful. Coaches know how to coach, but they have no idea how to get athletes into their facility or manage a business. How could they if nobody is properly teaching them?

That’s where Athletic Revolution comes in…

Business Is Too Tough To Go It Alone!

Coaches are at a HUGE DISADVANTAGE when they try to do everything themselves. For one, the competition is fierce, and even without competition there’s just way too much to do. Think about it…

As an independent youth fitness & sports performance business owner you have to design programs, run classes, train athletes, create advertisements, market your business, attend games & events, write blog posts, send out press releases, submit articles, update your website, keep records, manage your books, pay your bills, manage employees, and so much more. You may be able to do it all for a while, but in time YOU WILL CRACK. If nothing else, you’re missing out on big income opportunities, not to mention having a personal life!

The solution to this stressful attempt at superhuman activity is NOT another seminar, book, CD or coaching program. Those things are great for education and learning better ways to do things, however they still don’t address the one simple truth – NO ONE PERSON CAN DO ALL THE THINGS NECESSARY TO RUN A TRULY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS THAT CREATES LONG-TERM SUCCESS.

Athletic Revolution has pioneered a unique approach that provides you the support you need to achieve success while giving you the freedom you want as a professional…

The Athletic Revolution Difference

Athletic Revolution is the fastest growing youth fitness & sports performance franchise in the U.S. today, and now we’re offering the Athletic Revolution Opportunity to International coaches through our brand new licensing program.

Athletic Revolution is…

  • An international network of like-minded youth fitness & sports performance entrepreneurs committed to revolutionizing the industry

  • A knowledgeable, professional team of coaches to help guide you over hurdles and unleash your business potential

  • An internal and external comprehensive marketing program

  • An operational system that’s a must if you are to ever have any freedom in your life whatsoever

There are a dozens of reasons that Athletic Revolution makes sense for a motivated, entrepreneurial youth fitness & sports performance professional. Here are just four:

Reason #1 What we can do for you better than you can do for yourself.

Marketing, new athlete generation, standardized systems, staying a step ahead of industry trends.

Reason #2 What we can do for you that you can’t do for yourself.

Deliver support from the top organization in the industry so that you never have to feel like you’re on an island again as a business owner.

Reason #3 The benefits of a franchise with the freedom you want.

As an Athletic Revolution licensee you have the option to maintain your current brand if you choose and still enjoy the power of what Athletic Revolution offers. Plus, Athletic Revolution is not a one-size-fits-all franchise. It’s a collection of best practices, resources and systems backed by unprecedented support so that you can still enjoy individuality as a coach while being able to maximize your business’ potential.

Reason #4 Your own exclusive territory.

We are going to grant you the rights to operate exclusively in a specific market using our system and support and will restrict our other franchisees from operating in your market using our resources and enjoying the benefit that AR has to offer.

We’re going to keep you abreast of the newest opportunities and trends the industry holds. You’ll always have the first mover advantage.


If you’d like to learn more about the Athletic Revolution International Opportunity and see if it’s a good fit for you, simply fill out the form below and we’ll arrange a call to discuss what AR can do for you and your business.

If you’re a fitness professional from the United States, click here.

I look forward to discussing the AR Opportunity with you soon.


Pat Rigsby
Athletic Revolution




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